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                                    production workers more than
                                    requirements: male
                                    1.1 years of work experience, physical health;
                                    2. Familiar with process priority, to understand the basic knowledge of production;
                                    3. Have good language skills, polite;
                                    4. Rigorous style, strong sense of responsibility, obedience to superior leadership of the organization of work;

                                    director of marketing for 1
                                    : male or female
                                    between the ages of 24-45
                                    1. There must be two or more years of stainless steel pipe factory production workshop management experience

                                    2体育赛事竞猜、Be familiar with welded pipe production process.

                                     3、Familiar with plant operation process; master production operation management knowledge and skills

                                    4体育赛事竞猜体育赛事竞猜、Strong sense of responsibility, work independently, good communication skills; strong management ability, full of team spirit.


                                    Foreign trade salesman   2
                                    : male or female
                                    1. Level four or above in English, listening and speaking ability, have independent and foreign communication ability

                                    2体育赛事竞猜体育赛事竞猜、Familiar with English business letter writing, familiar with international trade practices and processes of international trade, has a strong ability to market development and business skills

                                    3体育赛事竞猜、With Alibaba platform or other operational experience, have certain knowledge of export procedure

                                    4、Lively and outgoing personality, be good at conversation, self-motivated, initiative, independent development of customer and bear certain work pressure

                                    5体育赛事竞猜、Good team cooperation and logical thinking ability, good at communication, coordination; honest and trustworthy, diligent, steadfast in work

                                    ? 体育赛事竞猜